How does my order get processed?

Sometimes it can seem like magic- you order online and it shows up at your door.

But do you ever wonder about the process, start to finish? Have no fear with this handy tutotrial!

1) If you are a new customer, you will need to create an account with us. Fill out all the fields marked with * . Your account privacy is absolutely secure and protected. You will get a confirmation email through which you confirm your account (so spammers can’t set up accounts willy-nilly!).

2) After chose an item that you intend to buy, key in the quantity of the product and click “add”.

3) If you wish to continue shopping, you may go back to the homepage and browse our products again. If you don’t, click “your cart” to proceed the checkout.

4) Confirm the product you are buying and the quantity as well. Then go “next”.

5) Confirm the shipping address, then click “next” button.

6) Last confirmation of your information. Go “next” to the payment sheet.

7) Final step to proceed your payment, fill out your payment information and submit.

Note: It takes approximately 60 sec to proceed the payment. So remember not to refresh the page while the payment is processing.

The order then gets sent to us and we process it through our accounting system which produces your receipt. It then travels down to our warehouse, where it is carefully packed and set aside waiting for the courier.

A dispatch email will automatically send to our customer with all the details when the items are scanned by courier upon pick-up. Customer will be able to track and trace where their parcel is from start to finish. Delivery times are approximately 2 working days for Auckland, 2-3 working days for North Island, and 3-4 working days for South Island.

Check back as we share more about the behind-the-scenes here at ProductSaver!

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