ProductSaver’s beginnings on TradeMe

Did you all know that ProductSaver originally started out its business as Appliance_Shop on Trade Me in 2006? A few years later it branched out into a second seller called TV_Trader.

We aim to sell products that fit in with our customers needs at a good price. That’s why Appliance_Shop and TV_Trader on Trade Me grew to have more than 10,000 positive feedbacks over the years.

We’d like to say thank you to our thousands of customers who have helped us grow into who were are today. We are truly grateful for your support. Let’s have a sneak peek of our feedback history.

Our 500th feedback achieved in June 2007.

1000 feedbacks in later October same year.

It increased to 2000 feedbacks in following year.

3000 feedbacks in 2009.

We originally started selling only appliances on Trade Me, but since then we have branched out into a wide range of homewares, outdoor goods and more. Who knows what we’ll have next? With a whole world of possibilities we’d like to think we could stock anything, but you can always be sure that it’ll be at the right price.

Parallel Importing

In this day and age seeing the phrase, “parallel imported” is becoming a more common sight for shoppers. Our purchasing avenues and buying channels are multiplying at a steady rate, and one of the consequences of this is parallel importing such items as brand name watches like Casio, Citizen, or Seiko.

But what is parallel importing? Most of us have a vague sense that it saves us money, or know of the store named directly after it. Here is an easy explanation of what parallel importing is and how businesses such as ProductSaver take advantage of it to save their customers money on watches, appliances, toys and more.

Type in “define: parallel importing” into Google, and the first definition is from Wikipedia stating,

“A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner.”

Hang on, without permission of the intellectual property owner? It doesn’t sound quite right does it, but it’s perfectly above board and gives you the same rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act that non-parallel imported goods give.

Parallel import helps provide a wide range of international quality goods. For example, ProductSaver is importing goods from overseas countries such as the U.S., China and Australia and selling them in New Zealand. Therefore, consumers can shop at a place with variety brands and products.

When you shop online, you can get in on the latest international trends without spending money on tricky things like airfares. Perfect!

First of Many

We have been up and online for almost a month now –Time has just flown by. Launching right in the middle of a crazy month certainly posed some challenges, however we hit the ground running with a positive response from our first mailout.

Coming up with ideas for extra-special discounts for our launch certainly produced some interesting ideas, however we thought free shipping within the North Island and $5 to the South Island was a winner. Everyone could take advantage of it, and it would have saved some significant dollars. We also decided to go for some deep discounts on some of our more popular items, and quite a few took advantage of that. Combined with a guaranteed delivery before Christmas, there were sure to be some happy people opening up their presents on Christmas day!

It’s almost time for our next mail out, and some fresh deals. We got some good ones up our sleeves to make sure ProductSaver is the right price, every time.